The pro-democracy movement << Lucha >> Kisangani section is anxious about the effective abandonment by the public power of the cemetery where the perished victims rest during the six-day war in Kisangani, 17 years ago.

This historic necropolis that should be maintained by the public power to make it a collective memory unfortunately is in recent days abandoned to its plight and many reptiles have translated into their sanctuary of herbs, “expressed concern, Jedidia Mabela , militant of lucha / Kisangani.

In commemoration on Tuesday, June 4th of the fatal anniversary of the beginning of this war, the militants of the Lucha organized work of sanitation of this historic place.

News headlines, houex, cut cuts and other tools have served these pro-democracy activists along with affected people or family members who are victims of these community activities.

Located in Makiso Commune in the medical plateau area near Makiso General Hospital in Kisangani, this cemetery was long transformed into a real forest.

As a reminder, the so-called “six-day” war between Uganda and Rwanda in Kisangani from June 4 to June 9, 2002 had caused many casualties and survivors who their families until these days have never been compensated by the Congolese State.

The city of Kisangani also suffered numerous infrastructure losses caused by more than 300 shells launched during these six unforgettable days.


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