Great minds meet, it is said ,the Nobel peace prize was awarded on Wednesday 22 may by the sovereign pontiff to his breast the seat.

According to the press attaché at the Vatican ,it is in an atmosphere of cheering the unveiling of a sense of consideration that the two figures have encountered.

Has increase the Panzi foundation ,the visit in the city is pontifical, is a sign of recognition for the heroes in the shade who has agreed to accompany the congolese nation, against wind and tide.

The Nobel peace prize, thanked the Pope for his prayers , his commitment to the congolese people, and he has expressed his will to continue to use his word to denounce the suffering inflicted on the congolese.

Pope Francis , meanwhile, commended the repairer of women as called to the work done in favour of the vulnerable and victims of sexual violence. It has however expressed its concern over the situation in the DR Congo which he called difficult , has shown the cell release of the panzi foundation

Of course, that this encounter between the two men of God will lead to salvation, enduring and real to the DR Congo and for all of these congolese women, who, day after day, suffer the law of the terror sown by the enemies of humanity who are full of different corners to delight their fellows the joy of living.

Note that the prof Deni Mukwege is in Rome, 48 hours after you have received the prices honoris causa him to award Monday 20 may 2019 by the University of Pennsylvania in the USA.


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